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Welcome to Sin City.

Enjoy exploring the sin city otherwise known as my mind. This is a Panic! At The Disco fan page.

Hi my love birds! I made this video and I am super nervous uploading it. Soon I will be reaching 700 followers and when I do, I want to make a video anwsering your all’s asks. Start sending me asks now and I’ll anwser them in the video. I also want to thank panic-at-the-blog blog for being amazing! She has helped me out through the crazy Panic! bandom blogging. Go follow her if your not already. I love you love birds! Oh by the way I swear to god my voice is not that sweet in real life. I gave you all the voice I give my friends parents. Anyway love you all!

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Brendon Urie records a vine:

Brendon: “Hey guys!”

*Hears Ryan’s voice in the distance”

Brendon: “This is my good old friend Ryan Ross.”

Ryan: “Yep.” *awkwardly waves*

Brendon: “I’d like you all to welcome Ryan back to the band.”

~Nearly Witches (Demo)~

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Look at those beautiful hands…

Look at those beautiful hands…

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long.  I think I’m back though!

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I think I’m back though!

I was tagged by the wonderful vicesandvanilla

Rule 1. Always post the rules.
Rule 2. Anwser all the questions asked, and then write 11 new ones.
Rule 3. Tag 11 people and link them to the post.
Rule 4. Actually tell them you tagged them.


1. What do you want to be when your older? - I suppose I want to be a Special FX makeup artist and start a Youtube channel.

2. What is your favorite thing to do? - Walk around my neighborhood with friends or this.

3. Favorite movie? - Right now it’s Guys and Dolls. Over all I would say really any Tim Burton film.

4. Who is your idol and why? - I have a few idols and they are; Gerard Way, Kandee Johnson, and Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. Gerard Way went through a lot of stuff that I find hard to overcome. Kandee Johnson inspired me to keep on doing what I love and that everything would be okay. Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox do what they love for a living and i aspire to be able to do that one day. :)

5. You can only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what is it? - I think Vices & Virtues, but the deluxe version plus New Perspective.

6. Do you want tattoos? If so what will they be? - I would love to have a few tattoos. I think I will probably get some lyrics or something small.

7. Do you like where you live? If no, where would you rather live? - It’s all right. All of my friends live here. If I moved I’d wanna move to Florida.

8. Pool or beach? - Forest! Okay, I don’t really like the sun but if I had choose I guess beach.

9. Top 3 favorite bands? - This question is evil. Umm… Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides or Fall Out Boy.

10. If you could live in any movie/ TV universe or setting, what would it be? - BBC Sherlock or Doctor Who.

11. Choose your 3 favorite musicians/band members and play f*ck, marry, kill. - F*ck Ryan Ross, marry Gerard Way, kill Andy Biersack.


Here are my questions!

1. What are your top five favorite bands/musicians? -

2. What are your top three favorite tumblr bloggers? -

3. Do you know what Anime is? Give me a definition even if you don’t know what it is. -

4. Favorite book (series)? -

5. All time favorite album and current favorite album? -

6. Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Night, Midnight, or Twilight (that’s like 1:00 to 5:00 A.M.)? -

7. Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter? -

8. Favorite fabric softner/laundry detergent scent? -

9. Do you cuss? -

10. Any piercings? Want any or anymore? -

11. I like the question choose three of your favorite musicians/band members and play f*ck, marry, kill. -


Here are the love birds I tag!

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This was a lot of fun!  Bye my sweet love birds!

A shirden post for your desires…

A shirden post for your desires…




Panic! At The Disco: 2014 European Tour - BYE

~Vices & Virtues~

~Vices & Virtues~